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Tees Valley BME Achievement Awards announces new Apprenticeship Award category 2019

Celebrating Apprenticeships equality and achievement.


We are delighted to announce this year we will be introducing a new category- The Apprenticeship Award. This category has been introduced after discussion with the North East Apprentice Ambassadors Network (NEAAN) and will provide opportunities for both an individual and an Organisation.

The individual award will be given to an Apprentice who has excelled in their company and demonstrated passion and commitment in their work, promoting diversity. The organisation award will be presented to a business who demonstrates strong commitment and values which promote equality of opportunity within their Apprenticeship offer.

This year the Apprenticeship Award will be sponsored by the NEAAN.  The NEAAN is a group of more than 50 volunteer companies and over 50 volunteer young apprentices, all of whom are passionate about the difference that apprenticeships can make to people’s lives and business performance.  At the heart of that is ensuring that employers have a diverse workforce. 

In today’s workplace diversity holds the key to fostering new ways of thinking, reaching out to a wider range of customers and growing your business, apprenticeships can help you succeed in these areas.  If you want to find out more about becoming an Apprentice Ambassador please use the email address below and we will put you in contact with the North East Apprentice Ambassadors Network.

Nominations will open from 17th June 2019 with shortlisted companies and apprentices joining us for the Tees Valley BME Achievement Awards 2019 on 20th September 2019.


To book you place, nominate and for sponsorship opportunities please contact us via email:






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