The Tees Valley Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) Awards has already cemented it's place in becoming a regular feature in the Diversity calendar as it builds momentum every year as one of the most successful showcase of talent and celebration Tees Valley plays host to. Join us for another year as we host this prestigious awards ceremony to be hosted by the Thistle Hotel in Middlesbrough, which will celebrate and recognise the wealth of achievement and talent across our BME Communities in the Tees Valley region.

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The aims of the Tees Valley BME Awards are to celebrate, showcase and highlight the significant contributions and attainment achieved by a range of individuals and groups with respect to economic, social and cultural development across the sub-region.

The awards, delivered annually provide a unique opportunity for organisations and services to raise the awareness of their services to BME communities in the Tees Valley. This celebration brings key stakeholders and draws attention to the outstanding achievements and accolades for the community as well as creating a platform to inspire and promote community cohesion.  This year we have also introduced some new categories to enable the private sector to also both be involved but also engage with stakeholders whilst recognising the contribution being made to the BME community.

This event will bring together and honour a diverse range of individuals and groups, from those organisations working at the grass roots, to well established members of the community, newly emerging stars and of course our dynamic young community members.

Each year the awards capture the multicultural spirit of Tees Valley in what will be a fitting celebration to the many talented and committed individuals and groups in Tees Valley, many of whom have made a considerable contribution to the development of skills and provision in the region. The evening will begin with a drinks reception, followed by an international meal, key speeches by eminent dignitaries, spectacular entertainment and most importantly the awards presentations. 

The opportunity to be part of the Awards ceremony will help you to raise the awareness of your organisation, demonstrate your commitment to BME progression and send a positive message for engaging with diverse groups. Tees Valley, our sub-region will be a region where present and future generations have a high quality of life. It will be a vibrant, self-reliant, ambitious and outward looking region featuring a dynamic economy, a healthy environment and a distinctive culture. Aspiring younger members of the community, the Tees Valley BME Achievement Awards will play host to influential and prominent members of our sub-region who continue to make positive contributions to the wealth and success of Tees Valley being a vibrant and prosperous place to be associated with. 

We offer you a unique opportunity to align your organisation with this high profile event. As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to raise the awareness of your organisation, demonstrate your commitment to BME progression and send a positive message in engaging with diverse groups. 

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