Award Categories

1. Youth Awards
Individual – BME young person who has made extraordinary or significant achievements in their chosen field (Sports, Education, Arts etc) and demonstrated leadership or excellence.

Organisation – An organisation demonstrating exceptional commitment to empower BME youths through training and youth development.

2. Community Awards
Organisation -An organisation which has empowered BME groups/ individuals to progress by providing opportunities, mentoring or support.

Individual – An outstanding contribution to BME community and a positive role model.

3. Business Awards
BME Business of the Year – A BME business which has made an outstanding contribution to the local economy.

BME Business person of the year – Outstanding individual contribution to entrepreneurship and leadership.

4. Women of the Year
An individual award for a female, who has made an outstanding contribution within the BME Community.

5. Public Sector
Recognition of public sector service in promoting equality of opportunity and BME progression.

6. Education Award
Achieving excellence in education attainment. This award recognises an education establishment which goes over and beyond supporting BME achievement.

7. Apprenticeship Awards
Individual – A BME Apprenticeship or young person who has shown determination, hard-work and passion through their role and acts as a positive role model.

Organisation – A Provider which has empowered BME communities and young people by creating opportunities and providing a clear route way for positive action.

8. Community Safety Award
Recognising partnerships and/or individuals who promote good race relations and help achieve cohesion within their local community/area.

9. Lifetime Achievement Award
A special award for an individual, who has demonstrated a sustained commitment to and support of BME communities.
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